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FQPA Pesticide Database

The Food Quality Protection Act requires that the Environmental Protection Agency take into account cumulative exposure to pesticides from all sources. in accordance with this, the EPA is in the process of reassessing tolerances for a number of pesticides. This process will take a number of years to complete. The first pesticides to be assessed will be the organophosphates, carbamates, and pesticides thought to be cancer-causing agents (B1 and B2 carcinogens).

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This database allows you to search by a widely-used pesticide trade name and receive the name of the active ingredient. You can also do the reverse: enter an active ingredient name and receive a list of common trade names. The database contains pesticide active ingredients that are of special interest in the FQPA process.
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Priority List of Pesticides

[Pesticides that will be first to undergo review of tolerances by EPA, as required by the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996]
Acephate--I Isofenphos--I
Azinphos-methyl--I Malathion--I
Bensulide--H Methamidophos--I
Chlorethoxyfos--I Methidathion--I
Chlorpyrifos--I Methyl parathion--I
Chlorpyrifos methyl--I Naled--I
Coumaphos--I Oxydemeton methyl--I
DEF--Defoliant Phorate--I
Diazinon--I Phosmet--I
Dichlorvos--I Phostebupirim--I
Dicrotophos--I Pirimiphos methyl--I
Dimethoate--I Profenofos--I
Disulfoton--I Propetamphos--I
Ethion--I Sulfotepp--I
Ethoprop--I, N Sulprofos--I
Ethyl parathion--I Temephos--I
Fenamiphos--I, N Terbufos--I
Fenitrothion--I Tetrachlorvinphos--I
Fenthion--I Trichlorfon--I
2EEEBC--F Formetanate HC--I
Aldicarb--I, N Methiocarb--I
Asulam--H Methomyl--I
Bendiocarb--I Oxamyl--I, N
Benomyl--F Phenmedipham--H
Carbaryl--I Propamocarb hydrochloride--F
Carbendazim--F Propoxur--I
Carbofuran--I, N Thiodicarb--I
Chlorpropham--H Thiophanate methyl--F
Desmidipham--H Troysan KK--AM, F
Acetochlor--H Mancozeb--F
Aciflourfen sodium--H Maneb--F
Alachlor--H Metam sodium--F, I, H, N, soil fumigant
Amitrol--H Metiram--F
Cacodylic acid--H MGK repellent--repellent, synergist
Captan--F Orthophenylphenol--AM, F, virucide
Chlorothalonil--F Oxythioquinox--I
Creosote--wood preservative Pentachlorophenol--F
Cyproconazole--F Pronamide--H
Daminozide (Alar)--growth retardant Propargite--I
ETO--fumigant, sterilant Propoxur--I
Fenoxycarb--IGR Propylene oxide--AM, I, F
Folpet--F Telone--N, soil fumigant
Formaldehyde--fumigant, germicide Terrazole--F
Heptachlor--I Thiodicarb--I
Iprodione--F TPTH--F
Lactofen--H Vinclozolin--F
Abbreviations: AM = antimicrobial; I = insecticide; F = fungicide; IGR = insect growth regulator; H = herbicide; N = nematicide.