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Bacillus sphaericus - Registration of VectoLex CG Biological Larvicide 8/96

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials
Bureau of Pesticides & Radiation
Pesticide Product Registration Section
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233-7257
Phone 518-457-7446 FAX 518-485-8990

                                        August 2, 1996

Mr. Marvin H. Alphin
Manager, Ag. Registrations
Abbott Laboratories
Dept. 28R, Bldg. A1
1401 Sheridan Road
North Chicago, IL 60064-4000

Dear Mr. Alphin:

Re:  Registration of the New Active Ingredient Bacillus sphaericus, serotype
     H5a5b Contained in the New Pesticide Product VectoLex CG Biological
     Larvicide (EPA Reg. No. 275-77)

     Abbott Laboratories applied for New York State registration, on March 12,
1996, for VectoLex CG Biological Larvicide (EPA Reg. No. 275-77) which
contains the new active ingredient Bacillus sphaericus, serotype H5a5b.

     VectoLex CG Biological Larvicide is to be used for the control of Culex
mosquitoes. VectoLex CG Biological Larvicide is manufactured by a fermentation
process and has selectivity for Culex mosquitoes only.

     The application rate is 5 to 10 lbs./acre (0.12 to 0.23 billion Bacillus
sphaericus ITU/acre) in "high organic" habitats such as sewage lagoons, septic
ditches, animal waste lagoons, and other similar sites. The suggested
application rate is l O to 20 lbs./acre (0.23 to 0.46 billion Bacillus
sphaericus ITU/acre) in infested areas where extended residual control is
necessary, or in habitats having deep water or dense surface cover. The
directions state to apply uniformly by aerial or ground conventional equipment
and to reapply as needed after 1-4 weeks.

     The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (the
Department) has completed the review of the information supplied to date in
support of the pesticide product registration application for VectoLex CG
Biological Larvicide.

     Studies conducted with Bacillus sphaericus indicate that it is not
acutely toxic to mammals, birds, fish, freshwater and saltwater invertebrates,
honeybees, mayfly larvae, or green algae. It is also not toxic to birds on a
subchronic basis. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
waived all fate data requirements for this product, due to its nontoxic nature
and target specificity.

     Bacillus sphaericus was neither pathogenic, infective nor toxic in
laboratory animals by the oral, dermal, pulmonary or intra-venous routes of
exposure, but in rabbits was mildly irritating to eyes and moderately
irritating to skin. There are no reported adverse reactions to Bacillus
sphaericus in the published literature and the registrant is not aware of any
adverse reactions associated with the production or use of the VectoLex

     The labeled use of VectoLex CG Biological Larvicide should not pose
significant risks to the general public.

     The product is classified as a restricted use pesticide in New York
State, as outlined by the Department's Part 326.2 (h), because it is labeled
for direct application to surface waters. A copy of Part 326 - Restricted
Pesticides is enclosed.

     Therefore, the Department hereby accepts for restricted use registration
VectoLex CG Biological Larvicide (EPA Reg. No. 275-77).

     Enclosed are your New York State stamped "ACCEPTED" label and a copy of
the Certificate of Registration.

     Please contact Maureen Serefini, Supervisor of our Pesticide Product
Registration Section, at (518) 457-7446, if you have any questions.


                                      Norman H. Nosenchuck, P.E.
                                      Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials


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