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Streptomyces griseoviridis - Registration Approval for Mycostop 2/94

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233

                                FEB 01, 1994


Mr. Jan Meneley
Kemira Biotech
c/o AgBio Development, Inc.
9915 Raleigh St.
Westminster, CO 80030

Dear Mr. Meneley:

   Re: Application for Registration of the Pesticide Product
       Mycostop (EPA Reg. No. 64137-2 and 64137-4)

     The Department has approved your application to register the
referenced product for use in New York State as a biofungicide for the
control of seed rots, root and stem rots, and wilt diseases on
ornamental and vegetable crops grown in greenhouses as described on the
label. This product is classified as a general use pesticide.

     The active ingredient Streptomyces qiseoviridis, strain K61, is a
new active ingredient. The Department has reviewed all of the
information submitted in support of the registration, and has determined
that proper use of this product is not likely to result in significant
health or environmental risks.

     While the Department recognizes that the currently submitted label
limits application to greenhouses only, concerns remain about aquatic
toxicity, should exposure occur.

     In view of the above, the Department will approve a registration of
the above-referenced Mycostop products, with the following condition:

     AgBio Development, Inc., must provide this Department with a
     copy of the final results, when available, of the fish
     toxicity study performed in support of EPA registration of
     this product, and the accompanying EPA assessment of this

     The approved label is the current label as submitted, which
restricts use to greenhouses only.

     Enclosed are the Certificate of Pesticide Registration and a copy
of the stamped-accepted label for your records.


                             Norman H. Nosenchuck, P.E.
                             Division of Hazardous Substances


cc:  D. Rutz - Cornell - w/encls.
D. Rapp - N.Y.S. Dept. of Ag. and Mrkts. - w/encls.