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Ethylene Dibromide - Tolerance Revocations 2/94

  February 16, 1994

  SUBJECT:  Reregistration Notification Network

       TO:  Users of the RNN

     FROM:  Dr. Nancy N. Ragsdale
            Director, NAPIAP

  Enclosed is a latest notice of the Reregistration Notification Network

  (RNN) dated February 16, 1994.  This issue of the RNN deals with several

  residue tolerance revocations and a change in the classification of dried

  hops from a processed to a raw agricultural commodity.

                          U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE


                                Volume 4, Number 1

  The intent of this network is to inform interested parties of recent or
  impending pesticide use cancellations, tolerance revocations, and other
  items of agricultural interest.  To the best of our knowledge, the uses
  mentioned here, unless otherwise indicated, will not appear on any label
  registered by the USEPA after these uses are canceled.  We recommend that
  you express any concerns or questions you have to the contact mentioned
  below or to your NAPIAP State Liaison Representative.  If you wish to
  contact us at USDA, our phone number is (301) 504-8846, and our fax
  number is (301) 504-8063.

  ethylene     The USEPA has revoked all tolerances for ethylene dibromide
   dibromide   resulting from its use as of 12/15/93.  The proposal for this
   (EDB)       action was noted here on 7/16/93; the USEPA did not receive any
               public comments to the proposal.  The final registered use of
               this soil and post-harvest fumigant was canceled in 1987.
               Consequently, no action levels will be recommended to replace
               the tolerances that have been revoked.

       For additional information contact:
               Mr. Killian Swift
               Registration Support Branch
               EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs
               Phone (703) 308-8346
               Fax (703) 308-8369

       Initial source:  Federal Register 58(239):65554