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Methyl Bromide - Proposed Freeze 1/93

                                     Methyl Bromide

                       The USEPA, under the Bush Administration,
                       proposed under the Clean Air Act that methyl
                       bromide importation and production for domestic
                       use be phased out by January 1, 2000.  Under the
                       proposal, a freeze at 1991 importation and
                       domestic production levels will be implemented
                       through 1999, until they cease by the year 2000.
                       Use is not affected.   Methyl bromide can be used
                       after the deadline if users or producers can find
                       sources of supply through recycling or existing
                       inventories.  Export production will be allowed
                       to developing countries if not re-exported.  This
                       proposal has not been published in the Federal
                       Register and may change with the incoming

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           Initial source:  EPA Press Release, 1/19/93