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Methyl Isothiocyanate - Voluntary Product Cancellation of Vorlex 5/92

                                                             May 5, 1992

MITC FUMIGANT (Vorlex Soil Fumigant) - Voluntary Product Cancellation

     NOR-AM Chemical Company notified EPA on November 4, 1991 that it requests
voluntary cancellation of Vorlex Soil Fumigant (EPA Reg. No. 45639-90) and
Vorlex 201 Soil Fumigant (EPA Reg. No. 45639-91), both containing the active
ingredients methylisothiocyanate (MITC) and 1,3-dichloropropene.  In
announcing this decision, NOR-AM cited the cost of generating data required
for accelerated reregistration of MITC.  For further information contact
Kenneth W. Chisholm, Registration Project Manager, NOR-AM Chemical Co., P.O.
Box 7495, Wilmington, DE 19803 (tel. 302-477-3039 fax 302-477-3013).
Methylisothiocyanate uses to be lost include greenhouse and field soil
fumigation as a preplant treatment for control of diseases, insects, and weeds

small fruits                 - eggplant                  - sugar beets
- raspberries                - tomatoes                  - tobacco
- strawberries               - lettuce                   ornamental plants
citrus                       - onion                     - evergreens
- lemons                     - potatoes                  - herbaceous plants
- oranges                    - sweet potatoes            - flowering plants
fruit trees                  - beans                     - carnation
orchards                     - beets (garden)            - chrysanthemum
- cherries                   - celery                    - gladiolus
- peaches                    field crops                 - iris
vegetable crops              - cotton                    - lilies
- melons                     - mint                      nursery stock
- squash                     - peanuts                   seed beds

MITC occurs as an active ingredient only in one other product (Degussa
Methylisothiocyanate, EPA Reg. No. 54289-2) which is registered only for
control of wood-destroying fungi by contact nonfumigation treatment of
pilings, timbers, utility poles, and other wood products.