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benomyl (Benlate) Voluntary Cancellation of Certain Uses 6/92

                                                June 19, 1992
benomyl (Benlate, Tersan 1991), methomyl(Lannate), oxamyl (Vydate), fenbutatin 
oxide (Vendex)
     Dupont Agricultural Products has announced that it does not plan to 
contnue participation in the U.S. ornamentals market.  Over the next year, 
ORNAMENTALS will be deleted from the labels of their products.  Most cancelled 
uses on Dupont labels can be replaced with similar products by other companies 
with the same ai.  Some ornamental uses, as shown here, will likely be lost 
because Dupont is the sole basic producer of the ai.  Pesticide from any 
package that contains label directions for ornamentals may continue to be used 
for ornamentals.  This decision is based upon Dupont's opinion that the 
potential cost to stay in the ornamentals market will exceed the potential 
future revenue from that market.
     For additional information contact:  This Dupont Agricultural Products
                                          Phone (800) 441-7515
     Initial source:  IR-4 correspondence