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copper compounds Special Local Need Registration 1/96

January 18, 1996

Ms. Barbara Purnell
Document Processing Desk (SLN)
Office of Pesticide Programs - H7504C
United State Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street SW
Washington, DC  20460

Dear Ms. Purnell:

Re:  Special Local Need Registration for TRIANGLE BRAND COPPER SULFATE
     (EPA Reg. No. 1278-8; SLN NY-9760001)

Enclosed are the forms for notifying you of New York state registration 
of the references pesticide product to meet a Special Local Need (SLN) 
pursuant to Section 24(c) of FIFRA, as amended.

The registration modifies the federal label to include use directions 
for addition directly to aqueducts in the New York City water system.  
The SLN registrant is the New York City Department of Environmental 

Enclosed are a copy of the New York State stamped approved SLN labeling 
for TRIANGLE BRAND COPPER SULFATE, completed USEPA Form 8570-25 (12-87), 
and the approval letter to New York City specifying the conditions of 
the registration.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact Mr. Frank 
Hegener of my staff at (518) 457-7446.


Maureen P. Serafini, Supervisor
Pesticide Product Reg. Section
Division of Hazardous Substances Regulation

cc:  F. Kozak - EPA Region 2