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EBDCs (General Information) Conclusion of Special Review Process 2/92

                                                            February 21, 1992


     Two years ago the four basic manufacturers of EBDC fungicides (Rohm & 
Haas, Du Pont, BASF, and Elf Atochem) suspended 42 of 55 crop uses of EBDC 
fungicides while market basket survey were obtained to evaluate dietary risks.  
EPA announced on 2/13/92 the conclusion of the Special Review process for EBDC 
fungicides.  Uses will be retained (and reinstated where previously suspended) 
for 45 crops, and canceled for 11 crops.  Details of use pattern (usage rates, 
times of treatment, protective clothing required) may change for many of the 
crop uses retained.

     Metiram use will be allowed only on apples and potatoes.  Other EBDC uses 
are summarized in the chart below.  The uses that are canceled were all among 
those voluntarily suspended 2 years ago: apricots, carrots, nectarines, celery 
collards, peaches, mustard, greens, rhubarb, spinach, succulent beans, and 
turnips there were no consumer data for any of these crops.

     The tremendous response of growers and crop producers regarding this 
action on EBDC fungicides has greatly influenced the EPA decision.  For 
further information contact Dr. Janet Ollinger, Chairperson of the EBDC/ETU 
Task Force, Rohm  Haas Co., Independence Mall West, Philadelphia, PA 19105 
(Tel 215-592-3058  Fax 215-592-3184), or Mr. Edward M. Ruckert, Counsel for 
the EBDC/ETU Task Force, 1850 K St. NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20006
(Tel 202-778-8214).

                           EBDC USES RETAINED

Food Crop        Maneb   Mancozeb    Food Crop         Maneb   Mancozeb

Almonds           Yes       No       Grapes              Yes     Yes
Apples            Yes       Yes      Honeydew            Yes     Yes
Asparagus         No        Yes      Kale                Yes     No
Banana            Yes       Yes      Kohlrabi            Yes     No
Barley            No        Yes      Lettuce, head       Yes     No
Broccoli          Yes       No       Lettuce, leaf       Yes     No
Brussels Sprouts  Yes       No       Oats                No      Yes
Cabbage           Yes       No       Onion, dry bulb     Yes     Yes
Cabbage, Chinese  Yes       No       Onion, green        Yes     No
Cantaloupe        Yes       Yes      Papaya              Yes     Yes
Casaba Melons     Yes       Yes      Peanuts             No      Yes
Cauliflower       Yes       No       Pears               No      Yes
Corn, sweet & pop Yes       Yes      Pecans              No      No
Corn, Field       No        Yes      Peppers             Yes     No
Cotton            No        Yes      Pineapples          No      Yes
Crabapple/Quince  No        Yes        seed piece only)
Cranberries       Yes       Yes      Potatoes            Yes     Yes
Crenshaw Melons   Yes       Yes      Pumpkins            Yes     No
Cucumbers         Yes       Yes      Rye                 No      Yes
Dry Beans         Yes       No       Sugar Beets         Yes     Yes
Eggplant          Yes       No       Squash, summer      Yes     Yes
Endive            Yes       No       Squash, winter      Yes     No
Fennel            No        Yes      Tomatoes            Yes     Yes
Figs, Caprifigs   No        Yes      Watermelon          Yes     Yes
Figs, Kadota      Yes       No       Wheat               No      Yes