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EBDCs (General Information) Receipt of Requests to Amend and Cancel Registrations 11/89


AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
ACTION: Notice of receipt.

SUMMARY: This Notice, pursuant to section 63(f)(1) of the Federal
Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), 7 U.S.C. 136 et
seq., announces EPA's receipt of requests from registrants of certain
technical and end-use EBDC pesticide products to amend their
registrations to delete certain uses on food crops. Additionally, from
certain other registrants, EPA has received requests that certain EBDC
products be voluntarily cancelled. EBDC products affected by these
requests contain the following active ingredients: maneb, mancozeb,
metiram, nabam, and zineb. Certain of the requests include requests for
provisions for the disposition of existing stocks of the affected
products. Such provisions are described in the Notice. Additionally,
this Notice announces that EPA intends to approve and give effect to
these requests, thus as to the respective products, either cancelling
such products or amending their registrations to delete certain food
crop uses.

EPA's approval will be effective December 14,1989. As of that date, all
future distribution or sale, or use of affectcd EBDC products shall be
in accordance with the terms and conditions described herein.
DATE: The cancellation or modification of registration shall be
effective December 14, 1989.


Susan T. Lewis, Product Manager (PM)
21, Registration Division (H7505C),
Office of Pesticide Programs,
Environmental Protection Agency, 401
M St. SW., Washington, DC 20460.
Office location and telephone number:
Room 227, CM #2,1921 Jefferson
Davis Highway, Arlinglon, VA, 703-


1. Introduction

A. Maneb, Metiram, and Mancozeb

As specifically discussed below, on Scptember 6, l989, the four major
registrants of maneb, mancozeb, And metiram technical and end-use
pesticide products submitted requests to EPA asking that 42 food crop
uses of maneb, mancozeb and metiram be deleted from their product
registrations. The registrants involved in these actions are Pennwalt
Corporation (mancozeb and maneb), BASF Corporation (metiram), and Rohm
and Haas Company, Pennwalt Corporation, and E.l. duPont de Nemours &
Company (mancozeb).

In total, these registrants requested that their affected products be
registered for no more than a total of 13 food uses. The crops which the
registrants by their actions asked be deleted are listed below under
each individual chemical.

Along with their requests, the registrants submitted amendments to
labeling reflecting the deletion of uses. Additionally, the registrants
submitted requests for labeling changes for technical products which
would restrict the use of technical or manufacturing use products to
formulation of end-use products for use only on one or more of the 13
remaining crops for which the particular parent EBDC continued to be

Included in Unit II.A. is a summary of the text of the individual
requests as relates to matters required to be included in this Notice
pursuant to section 6(f)(1). Copies of each of the lettcrs have been
included in the public docket (OPP-30000/53) which is maintained for
EBDC Special Review.

B. Nabam

In March, 1989, Rohm and Haas (the sole nabam registrant holding nabam
agricultural uses) requested that all of their nabam food uses be
voluntarily cancelled. A summary of the request appears in Unit II.A.; a
copy of Rohm and Haas' letter is available through thc EBDC Special
Review Docket.

C. Zineb

In July, 1989, Microflo Company. thc so1e registrant of zineb technical
product and the so1e registrant supporting any uses of zineb, submitted
a request to EPA that each of Microflo's zineb product registrations be
voluntarily cancelled. A summary of Micrflo's request appears below; a
copy of the request has been placed in the docket for the EBDC Special
Revlew. As of this date, sixteen other zineb resistrants have requested
voluntary cancellation for an additionel 52 zineb products. Those
requests have also been entered into the Special Review docket.

As discussed in Unit II.A., EPA expects to approve each of these
requests to amend certain registrations to delete uses or to voluntarily
cancel affected registrations and give effect to such actions on
December 14,1989. Additionally, EPA has considered the requests for
existing stocks provisions following the effective date of these actions
and its determinations are described below.
EPA is continuing its Special Review of the EBDC pesticides and will
shortly issue a proposed decision affecting EBDC registered products and

11. Summary of Requests

A. Maneb

On September 8,1989, Pennwalt Corporation submitted requests to EPA that
the following crops be deleted from its maneb product registrations and
labels: Peppers, tomatoes, onions, beans, broccoli, cabbage,
cantaloupes, watermelon, other melons, cucumbers, squash, apples,
spinach, stone fruits, carrots, celery, turnips, cauliflower, Brussels
sprouts, collards, mustard greens, kale, rhubarb, lettuce, and Chinese
cabbage. As a result of Pennwalt's request, the following food uses
would remain on its maneb labels: almonds, bananas, potatoes, susar
beets, and sweet corn.

Pennwalt submitted applications for pesticide registration for each of
its affected products and revised 1abeling. Revised labeling submitted
for end-use products reflected the use deletions; revised labeling
submitted for technlcal products included language that limited the use
of the technical product into end-use product formulations for use only
on one or more of the retained uses.
Along with its requests to delete uses, Pennwalt indicated that the new
labeling would be used on all new products. Additionally, Pennwalt
stated its intent not to relabel product currently released for shipment
or in channels of trade until January 1,1990. Pennwalt indicated that at
that time, all remaining product would be relabled prohibiting the
dropped uses. Pennwalt provided a confidential attachment which listed
the amount of product in its control as of the date of the letter and an
estimate of the amounts that might be used by January. Pennwalt asked
that the EPA consider the status of growers near the end of the growing
season in issuing a final order on the use deletion and !abel change;

Pennwalt additionally described a number of actions it intended to seek
or undertake, pertaining to tolerance reductions and/or revocations,
consumer and user awareness, and integrated pest management.

B. Metiram

BASF submitted similar requests to Pennwalt's on September 8,1989. In
its requests, BASF asked that use on apples be deleted from its metiram
registrations and labeling. As a result of BASF's action, the only food
use of its metiram products would be on potatoes.

BASF, like Pennwalt as noted above, submitted applications and revised
labeling. It included similar language restricting the use of its
technical products. BASF indicated that, as of January 1,1990, "*** all
remaining product not in the hands of growers will be relabeled ***"

In other respects, the letters and other submitted materials were
similar to the Pennwalt requests outlined above.

C Moncozeb

On September 8,1989, duPont and Rohm and Haas submitted letters to EPA
requesting that certain uses be deleted from their product mancozeb
registrations and labels. On September 8, Pennwalt submitted similar
requests for its mancozeb products. DuPont requested that the following
food crop uses by deleted: Apples, crabapple, quince, pears, papayas,
pineapple, carrots, celery, fennel, cucumbers, melons, squash (summer
and winter), tobacco (plant bed and fleld), cotton (foliar), field corn,
oats, barley, and rye. Rohm and Haas requested that the following crops
be deleted: Apples, barley, cantaloupes, carrots. celery, corn (field,
hybrid seedcorn), crabapple. cucumbers, fennel, melons, muskmelons,
oats, papaya, pears, pineapples, quince, rye, squash, and watermelons.
Pennwalt requested that the following food crops be deleted: cucumbers,
melons, summer squash, field corn. celery, carrots, apples, pears,
crabapple, and quince. As a result of these requests, the three
registrants' mancozeb products remain registered for the following uses:
asparagas, bananas, cranberries. figs, grapes, onions, peanuts,
potatoes. sugar beets, sweet corn, tomatoes, and wheat.

Dupont stated that, as of January 1, l990,"***all remaining saleable
product will be relabeled *** " Rohm and Haas stated that as of that
date, "*** all remaining product not-in grower's hands will be

In other respects, the letters were similar to the Pennwalt requests
which are more fully described above.

D. Nabam

On March 13,1989, Rohm and Haas submitted to the EPA a request that the
food uses of its two registrations for end-use Nabam products be
cancelled. Since these products have non-food uses as well, the EPA has
interpreted Rohm and Haas' letter as a request that these registrations
be amended to delete all food uses. Rohm and Haas indicated that it had
not so1d any of the product for several years. It Indicated that the
food uses should be immediately cancelled and did not request any
existing stocks provision.

E.  Zineb

On July 17,1989, Micro-Flo Company submitted a request to the EPA that
Its five zineb product registrations be voluntarily cancelled. It choose
this option rather than any which would have indicated an intent to
reregister the pesticide products. Mlcro-Flo did not request an existing
stocks provision for any of these products. As of this date, 16 other
zineb registrants have requested voluntary cancellation for an
additional 52 zineb products. Two of these zineb registrants requested
existing stocks provisions.

III. Existing Stocks Determination

The EPA has reviewed the existing stocks and relabeling elements of the
four technical registrants' actions and has concluded that registrants
of affected maneb, metiram. and mancozeb products may proceed according
to the plan they described in their requests for use deletion. The EPA
has considered the amounts of stock represented to be in existence and
under the control of these registrants and has determined that
distribution and sale of these stocks until January 1,1990, and their
use would not be inconsistent with FIFRA. After that date, all product
remaining which is not in growers' hands must be relabeled to reflect
the use deletions.

Two zineb registrants, Universal Cooperatives and Dexol Industries,
requested an existing stocks period. Because all uses of zineb were
suspended in July, 1988, and remain suspended, no exisffng stocks
provision is being granted.

Rohm and Haas did not request an exisffng stocks provision for their
nabam product registrations.

IV. Conclusion

EPA has received and expects to approve each of the requests described
above effective December 14,1989, incorporating the requested actions
and the decisions governing existing stocks provisions as described


Active Ingredient                Registrant                  Product No.

Deleted Uses:

mancozeb                         duPont                       352-341
mancozeb                           do                         352-343
mancozeb                           do                         352-398
mancozeb                           do                         352-449
mancozeb                        Rohm & Haas                   707-078
mancozeb                           do                         707-093
mancozeb                           do                         707-102
mancozeb                           do                         707-156
mancozeb                           do                         707-162
mancozeb                           do                         707-179
mancozeb                           do                         707-180
maneb                           Pennwalt                     4581-225
maneb                              do                        4581-355
maneb                              do                        4581-359
metiram                        BASF Corp.                     7969-70
metiram                            do                         7969-71
nabam                           Rohm & Haas                   707-003
nabam                              do                         707-070


zineb                           Rohm & Haas                  CT480003
zineb                              do                        FL780066
zineb                              do                        KY800015
zineb                              do                        MD800009
zineb                              do                        MN830011
zineb                              do                        MO820011
zineb                              do                        OR840036
zineb                              do                        PA790005
zineb                              do                        PA800015
zineb                              do                        SC800008
zineb                              do                        VA800016
zineb                              do                         707-002
zineb                              do                         707-072
zineb                          Micro-Flo                     51036-23
zineb                              do                        51036-25
zineb                              do                        51036-62
zineb                              do                        51036-63
zineb                              do                       51036-148
zineb                            Agway                        8590-49
zineb                           Chem-Nut                     37686-41
zineb                              do                        37686-57
zineb                           Dexol Ind                     192-121
zineb                              do                         192-146
zineb                           FMC Corp.                  AZ81001900
zineb                              do                      GA80001100
zineb                              do                      KY80001100
zineb                              do                      MD80001600
zineb                              do                      OR76002800
zineb                              do                      OR77006300
zineb                              do                      PA80001700
zineb                              do                      KY80001100
zineb                              do                      MD80001600
zineb                              do                      OR76002800
zineb                              do                      OR77006300
zineb                              do                      PA80001700
zineb                              do                      SC80001100
zineb                              do                      VA80001300
zineb                          Imperial                        746-34
zineb                          PBI Gordon                   33955-456
zineb                          Universal Coop.                1386-75
zineb                              do                        1386-316
zineb                          Wilbur Ellis                OR81003700
zineb                              do                      WA82006000
zineb                          HRMcLane                      47056-63
zineb                              do                        47056-78
zineb                              do                        47056-87
zineb                              do                        47056-89
zineb                              do                        47056-90
zineb                              do                        47056-92
zineb                         Holden Corp.                    1772-55
zineb                              do                         1772-74
zineb                         Morgro Chem.                   42057-73
zineb                         Colusa Cnty.Ag.              CA79011101
zineb                              do                      CA79011102
zineb                        Riverside Cnty. Ag.           CA83002900
zineb                        The Land, Epcot.              FL82006900
zineb                        Penn State Univ.              PA76000100