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Propiconazole - Approval of Usage 5/94

New York State Department of Envonmental Conservation
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233-7250

May 24, 1994

Mr. William G. Smith
Pesticide Management Ed. Program
Cornell University
Comstock Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-0999

The Pesticide Product Registration Section has received the
request, forwarded by you, for the use of propiconazole (Tilt,
EPA Reg. No. 100-617) to be used in a research/demonstration
project in the 1994 growing season. The project will attempt to
determine the efficacy of Tilt in the control of rust on sweet

A label amendment was submitted to this office by Ciba Plant
Protection on May 16, 1994. Because of the existing backlog of
pending registrations, the label will not be reviewed or
entertained immediately.

This letter approves the use of Tilt for, research purposes
only, in the 1994 use season. Conditions of the approval must be
consistent with Dr. Helene Dillard's letter dated May 20, 1994.

Thank you for your request.


Maureen P. Serafini
Pesticide Product Registration
Division of Hazardous Substances