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sodium diacetate Tolerance Revocations

sodium diacetate   The USEPA has proposed that some tolerances
                   (actually exemptions from tolerances) for the
                   fungicide, sodium diacetate, be revoked as of
                   2/28/93.  The last product to which these
                   tolerances applies was cancelled in January of 
                   1991.  Exemptions proposed to be revoked are in 
                   or on BARLEY GRAIN, COWPEA HAY, FESCUE HAY, 
                   HAY, SOYBEAN HAY, VETCH HAY, and WHEAT GRAIN.  
                   Exemptions with registrations are being 
                   maintained on several hays and grains.  Any 
                   comments should be sent by 10/13/92 to the 
                   Public Response Section of the USEPA with 
                   reference to OPP-300252.  
     For additional information contact:
       Ms. Patricia Critchlow        Public Response Sect.(H7506C)
       EPA, Registration Division    EPA, Office of Pesticide
       Phone (703) 305-5226          401 M Street, SW
       Fax (703) 308-1848            Washington, DC  20460
     Initial source:  Federal Register 57:36044