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2,4-D (Dacamine, Weed-B-Gon) Voluntary Cancellation of Certain Uses 6/91

                                                                 June 24, 1991
2,4-d + N-Oleyl-1,3-Propylenediamine Salt of 2,4-D
     ISK Biotech Corp. has announced that it plans to voluntarily cancel uses 
of the following herbicide that contains the active ingredient 2,4-D + N-
oleyl-1,3-propylenediamine salt of 2,4-D.
Product                                     Uses
_______                      _____________________________________
DACAMINE 4D                  ALL CROPS AND SITES  (Includes: rice,
                             wheat, corn, turf, sugarcane, forage
                             crops, pear and apple orchards).
     These uses are being dropped because of data development cost for 
     For additional information contact Mr. Michael A. Peplowski, Manager, 
Product Registrations, ISK Biotech, 5966 Heisley Road, Mentor, OH 44060 (tel 
216-357-4149; fax 216-354-9506) or the USDA National Agricultural Pesticide 
Impact Assessment Program at 800-262-0216.
     The National Agricultural Chemicals Association is cooperating with a 
USDA Minor Use Task Force to inform minor crop producers and other interested 
parties about pending cancellations of pesticide registrations. Please 
transmit this information as quickly as possible to your contacts in commodity 
organizations, grower groups, and others who may be affected.