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amitrole (Amizol, Amino Triazole) EPA Special Review 10/92

	EPA has concluded that the risks of amitrole are outweighed by the 
benefits of continued use and therefore proposes that the Special Review based 
on potential carcinogenic risk of amitrole to workers be concluded.  Use of 
bromoxynil data as a surrogate for amitrole data and the data on dermal 
penetration have enabled the Agency to refine the amitrole risk assessment to 
be more realistic than the worst-case assessment conducted earlier.  The label 
modifications and risk reduction measures taken by the registrant, Rhone-
Poulenc, have significantly reduced worker exposure to amitrole.  
Consequently, there is a corresponding reduction in the risks posed by the 
remaining uses of amitrole.  Even given the differences in risk between 
amitrole and its most likely alternatives, EPA believes that the 3.3 x 10-5 
risk associated with 35 years of exposure to amitrole is outweighed by the 
benefits of use.  The Agency believes that amitrole's remaining uses pose no 
significant threat to workers or the general public, and that its 
significantly lower costs and higher efficacy rates as compared to its 
alternatives merit retention of the remaining uses.  However, because of the 
positive carcinogenicity studies, the Agency will continue to require that 
amitrole remain a Restricted Use pesticide, that the cancer warning statement 
remain in place, that the current application method remain limited to boom 
sprayers and that present protective clothing requirements remain on labeling.
	-  Federal Register, 10/8/92