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copper chelate (Cutrine-Plus) Herbicide Profile 3/85

                                   copper chelate
      CHEMICAL NAME:      Copper II alkanolamine complex (58)
      TRADE NAME(S):      Cutrine-Plus (58)
      FORMULATION(S):     Liquid (9% copper as elemental), granular (3.7%
                          copper as elemental) (56).
      BASIC PRODUCER(S):  Applied Biochemists, Inc.
                          5300 West County Line Rd.
                          96 North
                          Mequon, WI 53092
      STATUS:             General use
      PRINCIPAL USES:  Controls filamentous and planktonic algae.  Chara,
      and Hydrilla in potable water reservoirs; farm, fish, and fire ponds;
      lakes, fish hatcheries, irrigation conveyance systems; other potential
      sources of potable water.  Granules designed to be spread over water
      areas containing Chara, Nitella, or other bottom growing algae.
           Requires no waiting for swimming, fishing, irrigation of turf and
      ornamentals, or stock watering (56).
      APPLICATION METHOD(S):  Apply with hand or power sprayer, drip system,
      or any other method with which even distribution may be obtained.
      Apply according to all label recommendations (58).
                                    I.  EFFICACY
           Especially effective results have been obtained against Chara,
      Spirogyra, Cladophora, Vaucheria, Ulothrix, Microcystis and
      Oscillatoria (67a).
                              II.  PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
      MOLECULAR FORMULA:  Cu Alkanolamine . 3 H20++
                          Cu Alkanolamine . 2 H20++ (58)
      PHYSICAL STATE:     Dark blue liquid (pure compound) (58)
      ODOR:               Mild odor (pure compound) (58)
      VAPOR PRESSURE:     15 mmHg at 20 C (pure compound) (58)
      SOLUBILITY:         Infinitely soluble in water at 20 C (pure compound)
                          III.  HEALTH HAZARD INFORMATION
      OSHA STANDARD:  None established
      NIOSH RECOMMENDED LIMIT:  None established
      ACGIH RECOMMENDED LIMIT:  None established
           A.  ACUTE TOXICITY
               DERMAL:  Prolonged contact to skin could cause irritation.
                        Absorption through skin is minimal (58).
               ORAL:    LD50 = 0.65 - 2.42 g/kg (rat) (58).
               INHALATION:  No hazards expected from inhalation (58).
               EYES:    Prolonged contact to eyes could cause irritation (58).
           Doses of 2 to 4 mg/kg of copper, the active ingredient, are
      harmless to rats.  Six to 9 mg/kg of copper may be harmful (58).
                         IV.  ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS
      Behavior In Or On Soils
      1.   Adsorption and leaching characteristics in basic soil types:
             Complex may be adsorbed to soil particles in high organic
      2.   Resultant average persistence at recommended rates:  May persist
             indefinitely due to elemental nature of copper (58).
      General to toxicity to wildlife and fish:  Generally nontoxic to
           fish and wildlife at recommended dosages.  Trout, tropical
           fish, ornamental goldfish, and certain other sensitive fishes
           may be adversely affected in very soft water (below 50 ppm of
           CuCO3) (58).
           The chemical information provided below has been condensed from
      original source documents, primarily from "Recognition and Management
      of Pesticide Poisonings", 3rd ed. by Donald P.  Morgan, which have been
      footnoted.  This information has been provided in this form for your
      convenience and general guidance only.  In specific cases, further
      consultation and reference may be required and is recommended.  This
      information is not intended as a substitute for a more exhaustive
      review of the literature nor for the judgement of a physician or other
      trained professional.
           If poisoning is suspected, do not wait for symptoms to develop.
      Contact a physician, the nearest hospital, or the nearest Poison
      Control Center.
      SYMPTOMS OF POISONING:  Loss of appetite, jaundice, and
               accumulation of copper in the liver (58).
           SKIN CONTACT:  Thoroughly wash contaminated skin (58).
           INGESTION:  If swallowed, call a doctor (58).
           EYE CONTACT:  Thoroughly wash contaminated eyes (58).
                        VI.  FIRE AND EXPLOSION INFORMATION
           Nonflammable (58).
                                VII.  COMPATIBILITY
           Virtually noncorrosive (58).
           Conditions to avoid:  Contamination with acids, exposure of
      granular formulation to temperatures above 150 F, especially if
      material is damp (56).
                             VIII.  PROTECTIVE MEASURES
      STORAGE AND HANDLING:  Indefinite shelf life, stable to light.  Stable
      to temperatures below freezing and above 90 C (58).
           Keep out of reach of children.  May cause skin damage.  Do not get
      on skin, eyes, or clothing (56).
      PROTECTIVE CLOTHING:  Wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear when
      handling concentrate (56).
                        IX.  PROCEDURES FOR SPILLS AND LEAKS
                      IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, CALL, DAY OR NIGHT
                                   (800) 424-9300
                               X.  LITERATURE CITED
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