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daminozide (Alar, B-Nine) EPA Special Review Decision 10/92

Daminozide -- Non-food use determination and Special Review Decision
	EPA has published the final daminozide regulatory decision allowing the  
continued use on certain non-food plants (ornamental and bedding crops), and 
the notice includes the EPA's final assessment of dietary risks, which stated:
"In light of the revised lifetime dietary risk estimate of 2.6 x 10-5, and the 
benefits of the food uses as estimated in 1989, EPA believes that it would 
have pursued the same course of action as that taken in 1989. Therefore, the 
revised dietary risk assessment does not change the agency's regulatory or 
scientific position on the food uses of daminozide."
The agency estimated the life-time cancer risk to workers from the continued 
non-food uses of daminozide to be 10 -7 (less than 1 cancer in a million 
workers) from exposure to UDMH (unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine), a daminozide 
The agency estimated that the potential economic impacts from cancellation of 
daminozide "would be no less than $15 million but could be considerably 
	-  Federal Register, 10/8/92