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Diquat Dibromide - SLN for Reward Herbicide 6/93

ZENECA Ag Products
4767 Haverton Lane
Liverpool, New York  13090
(315)451-8600 - Office
(315)451-1372 - Facsimile

June 9, 1993

Mr. William Smith
Pesticide Education Management Program
Comstock Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853

Dear Bill:

Please find attached a copy of the 24(c)SLN detailing use
instructions for aquatic uses of Diquat herbicide in New York.
Diquat herbicide is to be marketed to agricultural users and
contains a label for use in farm ponds.

'Reward' herbicide (containing the active ingredient diquat)
will be marketed to specific aquatic and specialty markets by
ZENECA's professional products group and has been granted a
24(c)SLN detailing instructions for use in New York.  I believe
that both 24(c) SLN labels are similiar.  I have requested copies
of the 'Reward' 24(c)SLN and will forward copies when they are

According to ZENECA's state regulatory specialists, both
products (ZENECA brand Diquat and Reward herbicides) have been
registered in New York.

Please call should you additional information.

Steven W. Cosky
Field Development Representative
cc:  T. H. Morgan, Jr.