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fenoprop (Silvex) Proposed Tolerance Revocation 7/92

                                                                  July 8, 1992


The EPA has proposed to revoke all food tolerances (APPLES, PEARS, 
PLUMS(PRUNES), RICE, SUGARCANE) for silvex.  The registered uses of this 
herbicide were cancelled in 1985, and the existing stocks were allowed for 1 
year after cancellation.  Any comments should be sent by 8/30/92 to the Public 
Response Section with reference to document OPP-300246.

For additional inf ormation contact:
     Ms. Patricia Critchlow        or:   Public Response Sec. (H7506C)
     EPA, Registration Division          EPA, Office of Pesticide Prog.
     Phone (703) 305-5226                401 M Street, SW
     Fax   (703) 308-1848                Washington, DC  20460

Initial source:  EPA prepub. notice OPP-300246