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Flurprimidol (Cutless) - NYSDEC Registration of Cutless TP 6/93

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233

Mr. Steve McMaster
Manager, State Regulatory Affairs
Dow Elanco
Quad IV - 9002 Purdue Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268-1189
Dear Mr. McMaster:
Registration of the Plant Growth Regulator Cutless TP (EPA Reg. No.
     The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, "the
Department" has approved your application to register the referenced
product for use as a plant growth regulator on ornamental trees. This
product is classified as a general use pesticide.
     Cutless TP contains the new active ingredient flurprimidol, which
is not contained in any pesticide product previously registered in New York
State. The Department has reviewed all of the information submitted in
support of the registration, and we have determined that because of the
method of application and the low acute toxicity to terrestrial or aquatic
wildlife species, the use of Cutless TP as labeled should not result in
significant risks to human health or to the environment. Therefore, we
have granted registration of this product.
     The approved label is the federally registered label, as submitted.
Enclosed are the Certificate of Pesticide Registration and a copy of the
stamped-approved label for your records.
                                Norman H. Nosenchuck. P.E.
                                Division of Hazardous Substances
cc: D Rapp
    D. Rutz