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methazole (Probe) Voluntary Cancellation 1/93

 methazole  Sandoz Agro, Inc. requested voluntary cancellation of
        (Probe)  methazole-based products in 1992.  Methazole is an
                 herbicide that is used on COTTON.  The USEPA has
                 accepted this request and announced the cancellation in
                 the Federal Register as of 01-13-93.  The cancellation
                 notice also announced an interim restriction on
                 distribution and sale of methazole products based on
                 recently submitted data that demonstrate a potential
                 exposure risk.  Products in these marketing channels
                 may become available if ongoing studies to evaluate the
                 potential risk determine exposure levels are
                 acceptable.  Existing stocks in the hands of end-users
                 may be used until exhausted.
           For additional information contact:
             Mr. Charlie Keefer    -or-    Mr. Joseph Bailey
             Sandoz Agro, Inc.             EPA, Special Review Branch
             Phone (708) 390-3820          Phone (703) 308-8173
             Fax (708) 390-3941            Fax (703) 308-8041
           Initial source:  Federal Register 58:4167