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naptalam (Alanap) Voluntary Cancellation of Certain Uses

Naptalam (Alanap)
     -- Uniroyal Chemical Co. has announced that it plans to voluntarily 
cancel select uses of the following herbicides that contain the active 
ingredient naptalam (Alanap).
     Product                  Uses
     _______                  ____
     ALANAP                   Peanut  (preemergence),
                              Soybean (preemergence and postemergence)
     RESCUE                   Soybean  (postemergence)
     These uses are being dropped because of data development cost for 
reregistration. Please note that ALANAP uses on cucurbits and nursery stock 
will be supported.
     For additional information contact Mr. David Cote Marketing Manager 
Herbicides and PGR's, Uniroyal Chemical Co. Inc., Middlebury, CT 06749 
(203/573-2298 or USDA-National Pesticide Impact Assessment Program at