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Pendimethalin - SLN Registration of Prowl 3.3 EC 3/94

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233

                                                March 31, 1994

Ms Jean Warholic
New York State Vegetable Growers Association, Inc.
P . O . Box 456
Ithaca, New York 14852-4256

Dear Ms. Warholic:

Re:  Application for a Special Local Need Registration, under
     FIFRA Section 24 (c), of the Peticide Product Prowl 3.3 EC
     Herbicide (EPA Reg. No. 241-337)

The Department has appoved your application to register the
referenced pesticide product for use on dry bulb onions in
New York State as described on the submitted label under
Setion 24(c) of FIFRA. This Special Local Need (SLN)
registration will permit New York State onion growers the use of
Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide on dry bulb onions grown in muck soils in
accordnce with the submitted label.

We had previously agreed to consider regisration under
FIFRA Section 24 (c) for the above-referenced produt if
conditions of the supplemental lael were identical to that of
the Secion 18 Emergency Exemption which was previously issued
for Prowl 3.3 EC in New York State for the 1989-l993 growing
seasons. The conditions of the submitted SLN label are idenical
to the conditions of the previously granted Section 18 emergency
exempion for this pesticide product.

The active ingrediet pendimethalin is registred for
control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds on cotton, edible
beans, field corn, forage legumes, garlic, grain sorghum,
nonbearing fruit, nut crops, vineyards, peanuts, potatoes, rice,
soybeans, sunflowers, sweet corn, sweet lupines, and tobacco .
The submitted SLN label expands usage to allow application to dry
bulb onions grown in muck soil in New Yck State.

The Deparment has determined that use of this pesticide
product according to the directions on the currently submitted
SLN label is not likely to result in significant health or
environmental risks, since the specifications on the label are
identical to the specifications in the Section 18 emergency
exemption previously granted for this use in growing
season 1989-1993.

As a condition of this registration:

1. The New York State Vegetable Growers Association will
provide this office with the names of three (3)
onion farmers whc will participate in runoff monitoring
of pendimethalin when applied to muck soil,

2. These growers will also participate with this
Department in development of a sampling plan and will
notify this Departent whenever applications of Prowl
3.3 EC Herbicide are made.

3. The New York State Vegetable Grower Assocition will
provide this ofice with a copy of an FDA protocol
for sample ccllection of onions for residue analyis.

4. The New York State Vegetable Growers Asociation will
arrange with an FDA inspector to sample and deliver
three (3) samples of onions grown on separate farms for
analysis of pendimethalin resiues by the New York State
Department of Agiculture and Markets. The onions
sumitted for analysis must be produce grown during the
1994 growing season.

5. This sampling and analytical plan for analyis of
pendimethalin in onions and runoff will br developed
wihin 30 days of the date of issuance of the
SLN registraion for Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide.

Details of the sampling and analytical plan will
be developed in cooperation with this office.

The approved label is the current SLN label as submitted.
This registration expires on December 31, 1994. Enclosed are the
Certificate of Pesticide Registration and a cpy of the stamped-
accepted label for your records.

Pleae call (518-457-7446) Ms. Maureen Serafini, of my
staff, if you have any questions.


Norman H . Nosenchuck, P . E.
Divsion of Hazadou Substances


cc: w/encs. - D. Rutz - Cornell
              N. Kim - NYS Dept. of Health
              D. Rapp - NYS Dept. of Agr. and Mrkts .