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Primisulfuron-Methyl - Conditional Registration of Beacon 5/922


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued a
registration of primisulfuron (Beacon) to the Ciba-Geigy Corp., for use in New
York State under the following conditions:
(1)  The registration will take effect on the date of this letter (May 12,
1992) and remain in effect until September 30, 1992, as will conditions (2)
through (6) listed below, except as noted otherwise.
(2)  The product may not be sold or used in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, due
to unresolved concerns regarding potential groundwater contamination.
(3)  The product may only be sold to certified applicators.
(4)  Ciba-Geigy must maintain records of all primisulfuron (Beacon) sales to
any person by Ciba-Geigy or other persons.  Ciba-Geigy will notify all
purchasers purchasing for resale of the obligation to maintain records and to
sell only to certified applicators.
(5)  The records must include the name of the purchaser, the number of the
person's commercial permit (if any) the purchaser's certification
identification number (for end-use sales), the amount of the product sold to
the purchaser, and the date of sale.
(6)  All required records must be submitted to the Bureau of Pesticide
Regulation at the above address.
All outstanding data required to meet EPA registration must be submitted to
the Department simultaneously with submission to EPA.  Ciba-Geigy must report
any adverse effects concerning Beacon which have been reported or are reported
to Ciba-Geigy in the future, within 15 days of any such report.
Any application to register Beacon submitted subsequent to this registration
will be treated as an application to register a new active ingredient.  The
data will be reviewed to determine if further registration is appropriate.
    N. G.. Kaul, Director, Div. of Hazardous Substances, DEC