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profluralin (Tolban) EPA Proposal to Revoke Tolerances 9/92

profluralin        The EPA has proposed to revoke the tolerances
 (Tolban)          for residues of profluralin in or on ALFALFA;
                   COTTONSEED; EGGS; MILK, MEAT, FAT, and MEAT
                   BY-PRODUCTS of CATTLE, GOATS, HOGS, HORSES,
                   POULTRY, and SHEEP; SAFFLOWER (seed); SEED and
                   POD VEGETABLES (dry, succulent, fodder and
                   forage); SOYBEAN (hay); and SUNFLOWER (seed). 
                   This herbicide was cancelled by the USEPA in 
                   April of 1984.  Any comments should be sent by
                   9/28/92 to the Public Response Section of USEPA
                   with reference to OPP-300255.
          For additional information contact:
      Mr. Killian Swift         or: Public Response Sect. (H7506C)
      EPA, Registration Division    EPA, Office of Pesticide Prog.
      Phone (703) 305-5317          401 M Street, SW
      Fax (703) 308-1848            Washington, DC 20460
          Initial source:  Federal Register Notice