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Simazine (Princep) - Voluntary Changes in Registration 2/92

                                                            February 21, 1992
     CIBA-GEIGY Corporation is making voluntary changes in registration of
herbicide products containing the active ingredient simazine that will result
in loss of certain uses.  The following CIBA-GEIGY products with EPA
Registration Numbers in parentheses are affected:
     -- Aquazine Algicide (100-570), product canceled;
     -- Aquazine 90 WDC Algicide 100-650), product canceled;
     -- Princep 4G (100-435), product cancelled;
     -- Princep 80w (100-437), uses deleted;
     -- Princep 4L 100-526), uses deleted; and
     -- Princep Caliber (100-603), uses deleted.
     Simazine uses that will not be supported for reregistration
     -- asparagus, artichoke, and sugarcane.
     -- all aquatic uses: aquariums, ponds, fish hatchery ponds,
        ornamental ponds, ornamental fountains, and swimming pools.
     -- All non-crop uses: agricultural noncrop areas, rights of way,
        industrial and farm storage sites, fence rows, etc.
     Use of Pramitol 5PS EPA Reg. No. 100-479, which contains simazine) on
non-crop areas will be supported, but at much lower rates than the products
mentioned above.
     Simazine uses that are unaffected by this action include:
     -- all ornamental and forestry applications for nurseries, nursery stock,
        shelterbelts, and plantations;
     -- all warm-season turf uses;
     -- the following food crops:
        almonds             filberts            peaches
        apples              grapefruit          pears
        avocados            grapes              pecans
        blackberries        lemons              plums
        blueberries         loganberries        raspberries
        boysenberries       macadamia nuts      strawberries
        cherries            nectarines          walnuts
        corn                olives
        cranberries         oranges
     CIBA-GEIGY expects that existing stocks can be used for uses specified on
the label while they are in the possession of the purchaser.  Simazine is
formulated by numerous formulators in products currently registered for one or
more of the uses being deleted.  CIBA-GEIGY has informed formulators that
support for these uses is being withdrawn.  Products whose labels may be
affected include those listed on the pages at the end of this letter.  For
further information contact -
     Mr. Thomas Parshley
     Regulatory Manager
     CIBA-GEIGY Corporation, Agricultural Division
     P.O. Box 18300
     Greensboro, NC 27419-8300
     Telephone:  919-632-7202
     Fax:        919-292-6374