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Terbacil - Voluntary Deletion of Certain Uses 9/91

TERBACIL                                                             9/1991
     Du Pont also notified EPA in early September 1991 that it plans to delete
uses of Sinbar Herbicide (active ingredient terbacil) on strawberries and
citrus from the product label EPA Reg. No. 352-317) due to business
     All other currently registered uses of Benlate, Tersan, and Sinbar will
be supported by Du Pont.  For further information on these changes for Du Pont
products, please contact Mr. Timothy R. Vaux, Business Manager for Specialty
Crops, E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Co., Inc., P.O. Box 80038, Wilmington, DE
19880-003  Tel. 302-992-6208  Fax 302-992-2935.
     Toll-free telephone lines are also maintained by the USDA National
Pesticide Impact Assessment Program 800-262-0216) and the EPA Office of
Pesticide Programs 800-552-8879) to provide information on pesticide
registrations for minor crop uses.