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Tribenuron Methyl - SLN Registration of Harmony Extra & Express 4/93

New York Slate Department of Environmental Conservation
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233

                                          Received:  April 6, 1993

Ms. Marie Chubb
Registration Specialist
Agricultural Products Division
E.I. DuPont de Nemours, and Company
Barley Mill Plaza, Walkers' Mill Building
Post Office Box 80038
Wilmington, Delaware 19880-0038

Dear Ms. Chubb:

Re:  Registration of HARMONY EXTRA, EPA Reg. No. 352-538 and EXPRESS,
     EPA Reg. No. 352-509

     The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has approved
the registration of the referenced products for ground application only to
wheat and barley crops, and has classified them as "restricted use" pesticides
in New York State.  These products contain the new sulfonylurea active
ingredient DPX-L5300.

     The Department has reviewed the information submitted in support of the
application.  We have determined that, although DPX-L5300 is highly mobile in
soil, there is limited potential for the active ingredient or its degradates
to enter ground water when properly used at the proposed rates of application.
Therefore, the registration of both products is warranted.

     As a condition of the registration for the referenced products, DuPont
Agricultural Products will be required to participate in the development and
implementation of a monitoring program for DPX-L5300.  In addition, the
Department will be developing a comprehensive groundwater monitoring program
within the next 12 months which will include monitoring for all the
sulfonylurea compounds and their degradates, as well as numerous other
pesticides that may have groundwater implications.  We look forward to
discussing with DuPont ways in which these programs can be integrated.

     Due to unresolved issues and existing data gaps related to spray drift
from aerial application, we have determined to limit application at this time
to ground application only.  Since the approved federal labels for HARMONY
EXTRA and EXPRESS allow aerial application, we are issuing Special Local Need
registrations to enforce the "ground only" requirement in New York State.  The
federally registered products are being registered in New York State only in
conjunction with these SLN's.

     Finally, HARMONY EXTRA and EXPRESS have been classified as "restricted
use" products.  As such, they may only be sold to and used by certified
applicators or persons under their direct supervision.  By restricting the
products, all sellers must be Commercial Permit holders, and all sellers and
end users of HARMONY EXTRA and EXPRESS will be required to maintain sales and
use records.  Commercial permit holders and certified commercial applicator
users must also file annual reports showing the annual aggregate of each
product sold and used respectively.

     The SLN registration numbers are as follows:

     HARMONY EXTRA            SLN NY-930004

     EXPRESS                  SLN NY-930005.

     Enclosed is a copy of the Certificate of Registration and the stamped
approved labels.  Please note that the registration expires December 31, 1994,
concurrent with the expiration of all DuPont products in New York State.

     If you have any questions regarding the registration of these two
products, please contact Maureen Serafini or Frank Hegener, of my staff, at
(518) 457-7446.


                                    Norman H. Nosenchuck, P.E.
                                    Division of Hazardous Substances