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avermectin (Agri-Mek, Affirm) EUP Petition Notice 11/93

Amended Filing

   2. PP 9F3787. In the Federal Register of November 1, 1989 

(54 FR 46119), EPA issued notice of the petition submitted by 

Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Laboratories, Division of Merck 

& Co., Inc., Hillsborough Rd., Three Bridges, NJ 08887, proposing 

to amend 40 CFR 180.449 by establishing a regulation to permit 

residues of avermectin B1 and its 8,9-isomer in or on pears 

at 0.035 part per million (ppm). Merck has submitted new pear 

residue data to support a reduction of the pending tolerance 

to 0.02 ppm and has submitted a revised Section F to the petition 

for the new tolerance. The proposed analytical method for determining 

residues is high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). (PM 


List of Subjects

   Environmental protection, Agricultural commodities, Pesticides 

and pests. 

   Authority: 7 U.S.C. 136a. 

Dated: November 30, 1993.

Stephen L. Johnson,

Acting Director, Registration Division, Office of Pesticide 


[FR Doc. 93-29828 Filed 12-7-93; 8:45 am]