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Azinphos Methyl - Information Notice 5/91

No. 6                                                           May 28, 1991

The following information about the insecticide azinphos-methyl has been
obtained from Mobay, EPA, and IR-4:

    The IR-4 Program has committed to EPA to develop new "magnitude of
    the residue data" for azinphos-methyl on 11 crops  (apricots,
    blackberry, boysenberry, broccoli, Brussel sprouts,  cabbage,
    cauliflower,  celery, loganberry,  raspberry and rye).
    However, newly available batches of Mobay's GUTHION do not
    contain these crops on the label.

    Other formulations of azinphos-methyl still have the supported
    crops on their label.  Mobay plans to request supplemental
    labeling to correct this problem.