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Azinphos Methyl - Label Deletion 3/94

                          U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE



                                Volume 4, Number 2

The intent of this network is to inform interested parties of recent or
impending pesticide use cancellations, tolerance revocations, and other items
of agricultural interest.  To the best of our knowledge, the uses mentioned
here, unless otherwise indicated, will not appear on any label registered by
the USEPA after those uses are canceled.  We recommend that you express any
concerns or questions you have to the contact mentioned below or to your
NAPIAP State Liaison Representative.  If you wish to contact us at USDA, our
phone number is (301) 504-8846, and our fax number is (301) 504-8063.


azinphos-methyl   Miles Inc. plans to delete ARTICHOKES, EGGPLANT, and
 (Guthion)        PEPPERS from its Guthion (azinphos-methyl) labels due to
                  the cost of reregistration.  Other registrants of this
                  insecticide are expected to do the same.  However, if
                  another party is willing to develop the residue data
                  required for reregistration of these crops, Miles will
                  consider maintaining these uses on their labels.

     For additional information contact:
              Dr. Tom Kroll
              Miles Inc.
              Phone (816) 242-2308
              Fax (816) 242-2738

     Initial source:  Correspondence from Miles Inc.