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bufencarb Proposed Tolerance Revocation

bufencarb (Bux)    The USEPA has proposed that all the tolerances
                   for the insecticide, bufencarb, be revoked.
                   Bufencarb has tolerances in the U.S. in or on
                   CORN FODDER and FORAGE, FRESH CORN (includes
                   sweet corn kernels plus cob with husk removed),
                   CORN GRAIN, RICE GRAIN, and RICE STRAW.  In
                   April of 1986, all registered products
                   containing bufencarb in the U.S. were
                   cancelled, although existing stocks were
                   allowed to be used until exhausted.  Any
                   comments should be sent by 10/13/92 to the
                   Public Response Section of the USEPA with
                   reference to OPP-300251.
     For additional information contact:
       Ms. Patricia Critchlow        Public Response Sect.(H7506C)
       EPA, Registration Division    EPA, Office of Pesticide
       Phone (703) 305-5226          401 M Street, SW
       Fax (703) 308-1848            Washington, DC  20460
     Initial source:  Federal Register 57:36042