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carbofuran (Furadan) Notice of Receipt and Partial Final Determination


AGENCY:  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

ACTION:  Notice of receipt and partial final determination

SUMMARY: This Notice, pursuant to section 6(f)(1) of the Federal 
Insecticide. Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).  7 U.S.C. 136 et 
seq., announces EPA's receipt of a request from FMC Corp., the sole 
registrant of carbofuran, to amend labels and registrations of its 
granular carbofuran products to delete certain uses.  This Notice also 
announces that EPA intends to approve the registrant's request.  Once 
approved, the amendments would become effective on November 15, 1990(l). 
The uses being deleted will no longer be covered by the Special Review 
of granular carbofuran.  Affected carbofuran products manufactured after 
November 15,1990 will be required to bear the new labeling as described 
in this Notice.  FMC shall not sell or distribute after November 15, 
1990 any quantity of the affected products which bears the previously 
approved labeling and which is produced by FMC after November 15, 1990.  
Products bearing former labeling may be sold until July 15,1991.

DATES: Effective: EPA intends to grant the requested modifications to 
carbofuran registrations deleting the uses specified in this Notice on 
October 19, 1990.

   Compliance: After November 15,1990, all products manufactured by FMC 
must bear labeling containing the revisions discussed in this Notice. 
FMC shall not sell or distribute after November 15, 1990 any quantity of 
the affected products which bears the previously approved labeling and 
which is produced by FMC after November 15, 1990. After July 15,1991, 
all products distributed or sold by any person must bear labeling 
containing the revisions discussed in this Notice.

Karis North, Special Review Manager.
  Special Review Branch,
  Special Review and Reregistration Division, (H7508C),
  Office of Pesticide Programs,
  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
  401 M St. SW.,
  Washington, DC 20460
Office location and telephone number:
  Rm. 2N3, Crystal Square #1,
  2805 Jefferson Davis Highway,
  Arlington, Virginia 22202
  (703) 308-8036



     As discussed below, on May 1,1990, FMC Corporation requested 
deletion of certain uses from their carbofuran 10G and 15G 
registrations. FMC is the sole registrant of granular pesticide products 
containing carbofuran as an active ingredient.  Pursuant to section 
6(f)(1) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide. and Rodenticide Act 
(FIFRA), 7 U.S.C. 136d(f)(1) this Notice announces receipt by EPA of 
this request.  EPA intends to grant the use deletions requested by FMC 
on October 19, 1990.  This Notice concludes the Special Review with 
respect to the uses being deleted.


     On September 30,1985 EPA issued a notice which initiated the 
Special Review of granular carbofuran, based on risks carbofuran poses 
to avian species (50 FR 41938).  Following receipt and analysis of 
comments, EPA published a Notice of Preliminary Determination to cancel 
all registrations of granular carbofuran (54 FR 3744) (January 25,1989). 
This determination was based on a multitude of factors which included 
consideration of laboratory data on acute avian toxicity, avian exposure 
to granular carbofuran, field studies, bird kill incidents, possible 
population effects, potential risks from alternative insecticides, and 
the benefits of carbofuran use.

     As required by 40 CFR 154.31(b)(1), EPA also forwarded a draft 
Notice of Intent to Cancel granular carbofuran products to the 
Department of Agriculture and Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) to permit 
their review of the Agency's proposed action.

     EPA's Preliminary Determination included consideration of a 1986 
risk reduction program proposed by FMC.  The major points of the FMC 
proposal included reducing the percent of active ingredient by 
eliminating the 15G product from the market in favor of the 10G product 
(while retaining the registration), reducing the application rate in 
corn from 4 to 1 lb. of active ingredient per acre (based on a 40-inch 
row space), substituting "T band" for band application methods, and 
various research, educational, and funding activities.  The Agency also 
explored the adequacy of a modified risk reduction program, which would 
have gone further than the FMC program by eliminating the 15G 
formulation registration reducing the application rate in all crops, and 
limiting use to in-furrow application only (54 FR 3748). The Agency 
determined that none of the measures considered would adequately reduce 
the risks carbofuran poses to birds sufficiently to bring the risks and 
benefits of carbofuran use into balance (55 FR 3751).

     On January 25, 1990, EPA published A FEDERAL REGISTER notice of a 
public meeting of the EPA Science Advisory Panel to be held on February 
15, 1989,

(1) FMC originally proposed that the effective date of such an amendment 
would be November 1, 1990 based on expected Agency approval by September 
15, 1990.  Because the details of the amendments were not resolved until 
October 4, 1990, the effective date has shifted to November 15, 1990.  
The Panel reviewed the data base supporting the Agency's Preliminary 
Determination to cancel registrations of granular carbofuran and took 
comments from FMC and other interested parties.  The Report of Panel 
Recommendations notes that the Panel generally supports the Agency's 
determination to cancel granular carbofuran uses.

   On August 16, 1989, FMC presented to EPA officials a proposal 
containing further modifications.  At that time the program included 
some variations in the use practice modifications, introduction of a 
granular cut-off device for planters designed to eliminate spills and 
leaks of granules, as well as deletion of 12 of the 19 uses registered 
under section 3 of FIFRA.  FMC noted that these uses could not be 
maintained in a way that is consistent with other elements of their risk 
reduction proposal.  This Notice pertains to the third element of the 
program, the deletion of federally registered uses.

   In a letter to FMC dated November 28, 1989, EPA noted that the impact 
that elimination of 12 minor uses which contribute only minimally to 
overall granular carbofuran treatment would have upon the overall risks 
to avian species would be uncertain.  EPA indicated, however, that if 
FMC chooses to submit a formal request to delete those uses, EPA would 
accept this part of the proposal.  While FMC scaled back its proposal 
from deleting 12 uses to deleting eight uses, EPA is nevertheless still 
inclined to grant the request.


   This unit includes a summary of the FMC request to delete uses from 
carbofuran registrations.  A copy of the request has been included in 
the public docket [OPP-30000/48) which is maintained for the Carbofuran 
Special Review.

   FMC submitted applications to amend its granular carbofuran 
registrations on May 1, 1990.  These applications included requests to 
delete 8 of the 12 uses which FMC had originally proposed for deletion 
in August of 1989.  As part of their applications, FMC submitted 
proposed labeling with these eight uses deleted.

   FMC has requested deletion of the following uses of granular 
carbofuran:  grapes, peppers, potatoes, sugarcane, tobacco, Siberian 
elm, cottonwood, and pine seed orchards.  The registration numbers and 
product names for section 3 registrations covered by this request are as 


Furadan 10G Insecticide ..Nematicide    Reg. #279-2712
Furadan 15G Insecticide ..Nematicide    Reg. #279-3023

   Pending the outcome of the Carbofuran Special Review and any 
subsequent proceedings, if needed, the following uses would remain on 
carbofuran labels:  field corn, sweet corn, sorghum, soybeans, rice, 
peanuts, sugar beets, and sunflowers.  FMC has submitted an application 
for amendment requesting a number of modifications to labels for these 
uses.  This request is not discussed in detail here because it is not 
the subject of this Notice.

   With the exception of its Special Local Needs Registrations issued 
pursuant to section 24(c) of FIFRA, FMC has submitted applications for 
amendments to its pesticide registrations and revised labeling for both 
registered carbofuran products.  The applications are for amendments to 
take effect November 1, 1990(2).  EPA intends to approve applications on 
October 19,1990.  The modifications to the registration then become 
effective November 15, 1990.

   Subsequent to its August 16,1990 proposal, FMC proposed deleting 
several Special Local Needs Registrations issued pursuant to section 
24(c) of FIFRA, and modifying others.  As of this date, FMC has not 
taken formal action to put these aspects of its proposal into effect.


   As noted in Unit III of this document, certain uses are being deleted 
from granular carbofuran registrations pursuant to applications for 
amendments submitted by FMC.  Because EPA intends to grant these 
applications, this section will effectively terminate the Carbofuran 
Special Review with respect to those uses and obviate any need for 
additional analysis concerning the risks and benefits which would be 
associated with retention of the uses.  Accordingly, this Notice 
constitutes the Agency's Final Determination and concludes the Special 
Review with respect to the uses being deleted.