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carbofuran (Furadan) Newsletter Error 10/93

FMC Corporation
Agricultural Chemical Group
1735 Market Street
Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103
215 299 6000

Dr. Elson Shields                     October 6, 1993
Department of Entomology
Comstock Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Dear Elson,

In response to an article that appeared in a recent issue of "Pesticide and 
Toxic Chemical News" (September 15, 1993), information stating that Furadan 
15G use on corn and sorghum is prohibited after September, 1993 is erroneous. 
Furadan 15G insecticide/nematicide remains available for growers on corn and 
sorghum through 8/31/94.  We would appreciate your mentioning this in an 
upcoming newsletter to alert growers that they should exhaust any stock of 
Furadan 15G they have to avoid having to dispose of unused material in a toxic 
waste site.

While FMC can no longer sell Furadan 15G for use on corn and sorghum after 
September, 1993, as per the agreement reached with the EPA, any product in the 
channels of trade which bears the labeled uses can be applied to the crops 
listed as specified.  Further reduction in labeled uses are to be phased in 
until cucurbits, pine seedlings and cranberries are the only remaining crops. 
Growers will experience a shortage of Furadan 15G as supplies of the granules 
diminish.  However, carbofuran chemistry will remain available to growers via 
Furadan 4F.  No changes to the Furadan 4F label are anticipated for 1994.  If 
you need clarification regarding the above issue or on any other FMC products, 
please feel free to contact me at 215-860-7825.


David S. Pincus
Manager, Technical Services