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diazinon (D.Z.N., Spectracide) Stop Sale of Products Labeled for Indoor Use 1/03

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials

Bureau of Pesticides Management, 9th Floor
625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12233-7254
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January 9, 2003


Dear Registrant:

Re: Retailer Stop Sale of DIAZINON Products Labeled for Indoor Use Effective December 31, 2002

    The basic manufacturers of diazinon entered into an agreement with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in December 2000 to phase out and/or eliminate certain uses of this organophosphate pesticide. The USEPA and the registrants have agreed to eliminate or phase out uses that will result in reducing residential, ecological, drinking water, and worker risks while supporting low-risk uses.

    The USEPA accepted the termination of all indoor residential and indoor non-residential uses of diazinon. The USEPA and the registrants also have agreed to phase out and cancel outdoor residential lawn and garden uses over the next few years. Together, these actions will end about 75% of diazinon use. The USEPA and the registrants have further agreed to remove about one third of the agricultural crop uses of diazinon. This action will also help mitigate risks to workers, birds and other wildlife, drinking water resources, and the environment.

    Effective December 31, 2002, diazinon products labeled for indoor use may no longer be sold in retail establishments. Indoor uses were specified in the agreement as all uses inside any structure, vehicle, vessel, aircraft, or enclosed area and/or any contents therein (except mushroom houses), including residences, food/feed handling establishments, schools, museums, stores, hospitals, sports facilities, warehouses, and greenhouses. All indoor pet uses, including pet collars, were also specified in the agreement.

    The Department has reviewed its files and determined that your company has one or more products currently registered in New York State that may not be sold by retailers after December 31, 2002. As a result, the Department has suspended the registration of these diazinon products and placed an "S" in the status column on the enclosed Certificate of Registration. You may wish to check with your retailers or distributors to ensure that these products do not remain in the channels of trade in New York State. If these products are found in the channels of trade, enforcement action will be taken.

    No action has been taken on any products other than those containing diazinon. The Pesticide Product Registration Section is currently processing a backlog of renewal applications. If you have a pending renewal application with the Department for products other than those containing diazinon, they are still considered registered even if the expiration date has passed. For a complete list of all products currently registered for use in New York State, please go to the Department's website at or the Cornell Pesticide Management Education Program's website at

    For information on the diazinon decision, contact the USEPA's Office of Pesticide Programs at (703) 305-5017, or visit their web site at

    If you have any questions, please contact the Pesticide Product Registration Section at (518) 402-8768.


Maureen P. Serafini
Bureau of Pesticides Management