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Diflubenzuron - Denial of 2ee Recommendation for Dimilin 25W on Soybeans 5/97

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Bureau of Pesticides & Radiation
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                                          May 5, 1997

R. Tim Weiland
Technical Manager
Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.
World Headquarters
Middlebury, CT 06749

Dear Mr. Weiland:

RE:  FIFRA Section 2(ee) Recommendation for DIMILIN 25W Insect Growth
     Regulator (EPA Reg. No. 400-465); Use on Soybeans

     We have reviewed your application received on April 15, 1997 regarding
the referenced subject matter. The proposed FIFRA 2(ee) recommendation
submitted to change the application period to coincide with first pod to just
prior to full pod elongation is unacceptable. We have determined that your
application does not meet the criteria specified for 2(ee) recommendations in
New York State; therefore, the proposed use is not permitted in New York

     DIMILIN is currently registered to control foliar feeding insects on
soybeans. Your April 15, 1997 application recommended changing the application
period to increase yields of indeterminate soybean cultivars. However, the
application did not contain data demonstrating that the proposed use will be
effective. In addition, the proposed variation in the application period may
involve issues of compliance with established tolerances/residues, and is
therefore not authorized under FIFRA Section 2(ee).

     You stated that the proposed use has been submitted to the United States
Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) as an amendment to the current Section
3 label. We recommend that you first obtain approval of the revisions from the
USEPA and then submit the revised label amendment to this Department for
consideration at that time. No fee is required for submission of amended

     If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact Teresa
Foster of my staff at (518) 457-7446.


                                     Maureen P. Serafini
                                     Pesticide Product Registration Section

cc:  W. Smith, Cornell