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Dimethoate - 2ee Recommednation to Control Thrips on Cabbage 4/99

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials
Bureau of Pesticides Management
Pesticide Product Registration Section
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233-7257
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John P. Cahill

                                            April 20, 1999

Mr. William G. Smith
Senior Extension Associate
Pesticide Management Education Program
Comell Cooperative Extension
Comell University
5123 Comstock Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-0901

Dear Mr. Smith:

Re:  FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendation for - Dimethoate Use to Add a Pest Not on The

     The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has approved
your FIFRA 2(ee)request to add the unnamed pest, thrips on cabbage, to the
following list of dimethoate products. In 1992, the Department approved a 2(ee)
request for the use of Cygon 400 (EPA Reg. No. 241-233) to control an unnamed
target pest, thrips on cabbage. Cygon 400 is no longer registered for use in New
York State. Therefore, we are approving your 2(ee) request for use of the
following dimethoate product, as specified, on thrips on cabbage at the rate
of 0.25-0.5 lbs a.i. per acre. All other label conditions will apply:

EPA Reg. No.          Product Name           Product Rate            PHI

05905-493             Dimethoate 4EC         1/2 pt - 1 pt            7
05905-493             Dimethoate WS          1/2 pt - 1 pt            7
09779-273             Dimate 4E              1/2 pt - 1 pt            7
19713-231             Dimethoate 4EC         1/2 pt - 1 pt            3
34704-207             Dimethoate 400         1/2 pt - 1 pt            7
51036-110             Dimethoate 4E          1/2 pt - 1 pt            7
51036-198             Dimethoate 267         3/4 pt - 1 1/2pt         3

     Anyone treating cabbages for thrips on cabbage with Dimethoate under this
recommendation must have the recommendation in their possession at the time of

     Enclosed is a stamped-accepted copy of this 2(ee) recommendation for your

If you have any questions on this matter please contact Betty Seeley, of my
staff, at (518) 457-7446.


                                      Maureen P. Serafini
                                      Pesticide Product Registration Section


cc: R. Mungari - NYS Dept. of Ag & Markets

Proposed FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendation:

Reseacher and Title:
Dr. Anthony M. Shelton, Associate Professor, Department of Entomology, N.Y.
State Agricultural Experiment Station, Barton Laboratory, Geneva, NY  14456-0462

Pesticide Name and EPA Registration No.:

See below under complete recommendation.

Target Crop:

Unlabelled Pest:

Proposed Application Rate:

Product                           Rate

Dimethoate                0.25 to 0.5 lbs ai/acre

Nature of 2(ee) Variation from Product Label:
Target pest (Thrips) not on the label but crop is on the label.


Complete Recommendation as it will Appear in the Cornell Recommends:

                                             Rate / Acre             Days to
Product / Form.      EPA Reg. No.         a.i. (lb)      prod.       Harvest

Dimethoate 4EC##     5905-493             0.25-0.5    1/2 pt-1 pt       7
Dimethoate WS##      5905-493             0.25-0.5    1/2 pt-1 pt       7
Dimate 4E##          9779-273             0.25-0.5    1/2 pt-1 pt       7
Dimethoate 4EC##     19713-231            0.25-0.5    1/2 pt-1 pt       3
Dimethoate 400##     34704-207            0.25-0.5    1/2 pt-1 pt       7
Dimethoate 4E##      51036-110            0.25-0.5    1/2 pt-1 pt       7
Dimethoate 267##     51036-198            0.25-0.5    3/4 pt-1 1/2 pt   3

Additional thrip IPM information is contained in the Insect Control for
Crucifers section of the Cornell Recommendations.

## = Section 2(ee) recommendation