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EPN Tolerance Revocation 9/92

EPN                The USEPA has proposed that all the tolerances
                   for the insecticide, EPN, be revoked.  EPN was 
                   voluntarily cancelled in 1987, and use allowed 
                   until 8/31/88.  Over 36 tolerances are being 
                   proposed for revocation including on NUTS, 
                   FRUITS, VEGETABLES, and FIELD CROPS.  Any 
                   comments should be sent by 10/13/92 to the 
                   Public Response Section of the USEPA with 
                   reference to OPP-300250.  
     For additional information contact:
       Ms. Patricia Critchlow        Public Response Sect.(H7506C)
       EPA, Registration Division    EPA, Office of Pesticide
       Phone (703) 305-5226          401 M Street, SW
       Fax (703) 308-1848            Washington, DC  20460
     Initial source:  Federal Register 57:36043