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ethylan (Perthane) Tolerance Revocation 6/94

                          U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE
                          Volume 4, Number 7, June 30, 1994
The intent of this network is to inform interested parties of recent or
impending pesticide use cancellations, tolerance revocations, and other items of agricultural interest.  To the best of our knowledge, the uses mentioned here, unless otherwise indicated, will not appear on any label registered by the USEPA after those uses are canceled.  We recommend that you express any concerns or questions you have to the contact mentioned below or to your NAPIAP State Liaison Representative.  If you wish to contact us at USDA, our phone number is (301) 504-8846, and our fax number is (301) 504-8063.
ethylan       The USEPA has proposed the revocation of all tolerances for
 (Perthane)   residues of ethylan on or in apples, broccoli, brussels
              sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cherries, kohlrabi, lettuce,
              meat, milk, pears, and spinach.  The last products containing
              this insecticide were canceled in 1990, and distribution of
              products apparently stopped in 1985.  Therefore, the USEPA is
              not recommending action levels for this pesticide.
       For additional information contact:
                Ms. Ann Sibold
                EPA, Special Review Branch
                Phone (703) 308-8033
                Fax (703) 308-8041
       Initial source:  Federal Register 59(104):28326