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fluvalinate (Spur, Mavrik) Voluntary Cancellation 4/92

                                                      April 9, 1992


     Sandoz Agro, Inc. notified EPA on April 2, 1992 that it requests 
voluntary cancellation of its insecticide product Spur 22EW EPA Registration 
Number 55947-105) containing the active ingredient fluvalinate.  This action 
is taken as a result of Sandoz's decision not to conduct the aquatic mesocosm 
study required by EPA in an April 1991 Reregistration Data Call-in.  The 
following uses of fluvalinate will be lost (all of these are dormant, non-
bearing, or seed crop uses only):

alfalfa 4 SLNs in      cauliflower            radishes
  ID, NV, OR, WA)      collards               rutabagas
asparagus              fruit trees            spinach
beets                  kale                   sugar beets
broccoli               lettuce                swiss chard
brussels sprouts       nut trees              tobacco
cabbage                onions                 turnips
carrots                parsnips               vineyards

                                                      April 9, 1992


     Other fluvalinate products:  Mavrik 2E Insecticide EPA Reg. No. 55947-
98), which was also registered for these same uses, was voluntarily canceled 
in 1991 as a result of reregistration decisions.  Sandoz plans to support 
registration of Mavrik Aquaflow Insecticide EPA Reg. No. 55947-101) for use on 
indoor/outdoor ornamental plantings and plantscapes including greenhouses) - 
turf, and trees, shrubs, and cuttings.  Fluvalinate also occurs as the active 
ingredient in Apistan Strip products of Zoecon Corporation for control of 
mites in beehives and beekeeping equipment.

     EPA must yet publish this information in the Federal Register for public 
comment before the cancellation takes place.  For further information on the 
fluvalinate cancellation contact Donna M. Hillebold, Registration Specialist, 
Sandoz Agro, Inc., 1300 East Touhy Avenue, Des Plaines, IL 60018   
Tel. 708-390-3796, Fax 708-390-3941).