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formic acid NYSDEC-Active Ingredient Registration 2/00

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials
50 Wolf Road, Albany, New York 12233-7254
Phone: (518) 457-6934 FAX: (518) 457-0629

February 16, 2000


Mr. Robert A. Stevens
Apicure, Inc.
8 Meader Road
Greenwich, NY 12834

Dear Mr. Stevens:

Re: Registration of Apicure Formic Acid Gel (EPA Reg. No. 72839-1) Which Contains the New Active Ingredient Formic Acid

    The Department of Environmental Conservation (the Department) has reviewed your application, received October 28, 1999, and additional information, received January 25, 2000, for the registration of one new product, Apicure Formic Acid Gel (EPA Reg. No. 72839-1), in New York State. The application was submitted as a 'routine' initial registration of a pesticide product which contains an active ingredient previously registered in New York State. The product contains formic acid which is considered a new active ingredient in New York State.

    Apicure Formic Acid Gel (EPA Reg. No. 72839-1) is a slow release formulation of formic acid in a plastic pouch for control of tracheal mites and suppression of varroa mites in honeybee hives. The formic acid gel is not removed from the plastic pouch. Two large slits in the shape of an "X" are cut in the upper surface of the plastic pouch and the pouch is then placed directly in the beehive. The gel pack is left in the hive for three weeks (21 days) and must be removed from the hive at least four weeks (28 days) before the beginning of surplus honey flow to prevent contamination of marketable honey.

    Formic acid is technically considered a New Active Ingredient. However, the Department has briefly reviewed the information supplied to date in support of the pesticide product registration application for Apicure Formic Acid Gel. This product has a very specific application type and technique. When this product is applied according to the label directions, there should be very limited exposure to formic acid. The formic acid gel is not removed from the prepackaged plastic pouches and it is labeled only for use in honeybee hives. Applicators and other handlers must wear safety glasses or goggles or faceshield, chemical-resistant gloves, long sleeved shirt and long pants.

    The very narrow and specific labeled use of Apicure Formic Acid Gel does not appear to pose significant risks to public health. No adverse effects to fish or wildlife are anticipated through normal use of Apicure Formic Acid Gel.

    Therefore, the Department hereby accepts for registration Apicure Formic Acid Gel (EPA Reg. No. 72839-1).

    Apicure, Inc. is reminded that if New York State registration is requested for any other product which contains formic acid with expanded use sites and/or a different formulation, the product will be considered a Major Change in Labeling and the Department will require an extensive review.

    Enclosed are your New York State stamped "ACCEPTED" label and a copy of the Certificate of Registration.

    If you have any questions, please contact Maureen P. Serafini, Chief of our Pesticide Product Registration Section, at (518) 457-7446.


Stephen Hammond, P.E.
Division of Solid & Hazardous Materials


cc: w/enc. - N. Kim/D. Luttinger - NYS Dept. of Health
R. Zimmerman/ R. Mungari - NYS Dept. of Ag. & Markets
G. Good/W. Smith - Cornell University, PMEP
bcc: w/enc. - S. Hammond (2)
E. Dassatti
J. Colquhoun
SPCS I, Reg. 1
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D. Rollins, Reg. 8
J. Broughel (2)
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bcc: w/o enc. - D. O’Toole
T. Lynch
M. Serafini
L. Whitbeck
B. Seeley

Mr. Robert A. Stevens