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Imidacloprid - 2ee Recommendation for the Use of Imicide HP at a Reduced Rate to Control Asian Longhorned Beetles 3/05

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						March 22, 2005


Michael B. Stefan
Director of Emergency Programs
Pest Detection and Management Programs
United States Department of Agriculture
4700 River Road
Riverdale, MD 20737

Dear Mr. Stefan:

	Re:	FIFRA 2(ee) Recommendation for the use of IMICIDE HP (EPA Reg. No. 7946-25)
at a reduced rate to Asian Longhorned Beetles

	The Department of Environmental Conservation has approved your FIFRA 2(ee)
recommendation for the use of IMICIDE Hp (EPA Reg. No. 7946-25) at a reduced rate
to Asian Longhorned Beetles.

	Enclosed is the stamped "accepted" copy of the recommendation. If you have
any questions regarding this letter please contact me at (518) 402-8768.


						Samuel J. Jackling
						Pesticide Product Registration Section


cc: w/enc. - 	William Smith, Cornell University, PMEP
		Robert Mungari, NYS Dept of Agriculture and Markets