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malathion (Cythion) Usage Changes

                         U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE                 
                               Volume 3, Number 10
The intent of this network is to inform interested parties of recent or
impending pesticide use cancellations and tolerance revocations.  To the best
of our knowledge, the uses mentioned here, unless otherwise indicated, will
not appear on any label registered by the USEPA following their expected
cancellation.  We would recommend that you express any concerns or questions
you may have to the contact mentioned below or your NAPIAP State Liaison
Representative.  If you wish to contact us at USDA, our phone number is (301)
504-8846, and our fax number is (301) 504-8063.

  malathion   In the 6/15/93 issue, number 6, of the RNN, we gave a full 
            listing of the supported and unsupported (expected to be 
            canceled) uses of malathion.  Here, we report changes that have 
            occurred since that time.  Unless otherwise indicated, the uses 
            listed are field uses.  
            new supported uses:  melons(homeowner), pineapples,     
            pumpkins(homeowner), watermelon(homeowner) 
            The following uses of malathion are currently unsupported and
            expected to be canceled.  The USEPA issued a letter on 6/15/92
            requesting that registrants remove these uses (as well as those 
            uses listed as unsupported in our 6/15/93 issue) from malathion 
            labels and submit amended labels for approval.  Existing stocks 
            bearing old labels that are in the hands of retailers and users 
            may be used as labeled until exhausted.  Unfortunately, as far as
            we can tell, no one is planning to support the unsupported uses 
            (formerly supported by gowan company) on asparagus, carrots, and 
            sugar beets(tops and roots).  
            new uses unsupported and expected to be canceled: 
            melons(commercial), pumpkins(commercial), sugar beets(tops), 
       For additional information contact:
              Ms. Peg Perreault              Ms. P. Leanne Pruett
              USEPA/OPP/Special Review and   Malathion Task Force &
                Reregistration Division        Cheminova, Inc.
              Phone (703) 308-8055           Phone (201) 305-6600
              Fax (703) 308-8773             Fax (201) 305-1382
       Initial source:  Correspondence with USEPA