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methidathion (Supracide) Information from CIBA-GEIGY 3/91


No. 3                                                         March 26, 1991

         The  following  information  about  the  insecticide  methidathion  
has  been obtained from CIBA-GEIGY:

    SUPRACIDE(R) insecticide has entered the second phase of the pesticide 
reregistration process.  On October 22, 1990, CIBA-GEIGY received from the 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the generic data call-in for all products 
containing the active ingredient in Supracide products, methidathion.

    In response to this notice, CIBA-GEIGY notified EPA on January 22, 1991 
that they will not reregister the use of Supracide 2E on alfalfa.  CIBA-GEIGY 
is considering alternatives to continuing the registration of Supracide use on 
alfalfa grown for seed production only in the Northwest.

    Under the provisions of the data call-in notice, CIBA-GEIGY is allowed one 
year from the date that the 90-day response to the notice is due to sell 
distribute, or use existing stocks of Supracide 2E bearing the label  which 
contains the alfalfa directions for use.  The EPA allows persons other then 
than registrant, such as distributors, retailers, and end-users, to sell, 
distribute or use such existing stock until such stocks are exhausted.

     For additional information on the methidathion cancellation contact the
USDA-National Pesticide Impact Assessment Program at (202-447-4751).