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Methiocarb - Registration Change, Spr. '93

                       U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE

       The intent of this network is to inform interested parties of
       recent or impending pesticide use cancellations and tolerance
       revocations.  To the best of our knowledge the uses mentioned
       here, unless otherwise indicated, will not appear on any label
       registered by the USEPA following their expected cancellation.  We

       would recommend that you express any concerns or questions you may
       have to the contact mentioned below or your NAPIAP State Liaison
       Representative.  If you wish to contact us at USDA, our phone
       number is (301) 504-8846, and our fax number is (301) 504-8063.

       methiocarb   AMVAC Chemical Corporation is deleting CITRUS and
        (Mesurol)   AVOCADOS from their registration of methiocarb
                    (Metaldehyde-Methiocarb Granules 2-1).  The basic
                    producer of this insecticide-miticide-mollusicide-
                    repellent, Miles Inc., has decided to drop all food
                    uses of methiocarb due to the cost of reregistration.
                    This action will be final on 5/25/93.  Existing
                    stocks in the hands of retailers or users may be sold
                    and used as labeled until exhausted.

            For additional information contact:
                    Ms. Jeannie Vasquez
                    AMVAC Chemical Corporation
                    Phone (213) 264-3910
                    Fax (213) 887-9221
            Initial source:  Federal Register 58:11234