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methoprene (Altosid) Methoprene for mosquito control 9/02

Subject:      Methoprene for mosquito control
TO:     AAPSE members
FROM:   Amy Brown
Jim Roelofs (EPA) has sent along the following determination on
methoprene for use in mosquito control.  It comes originally from
Jim Downing, product manager for methoprene in the Biopesticides
and Pollution Prevention Division of EPA.
"The Office of Pesticide Programs has received several inquiries from state pesticide regulatory
agencies regarding the use of methoprene granular and briquet
products for mosquito control if the application site is an animal watering trough.
Labels on these products have some relatively vague language on
use sites, such as "water-holding recepticles...other containers" and "other
artificial water-holding containers".  The OPP product manager,
noting that methoprene is also registered as a feed-through pesticide for
control of flies in livestock manure, and has established tolerances for that
use, concluded, after consulting with staff in the Office of Enforcement
and Compliance Assurance (EPA), that an animal watering trough is an
allowable site for the use of methoprene granules and briquets for mosquito