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Methyl Parathion (Penncap-M) - Correction 4/92

                                                      April 15, 1992


Methyl Parathion

     In the January 30, 1992 issue of this network it was indicated that the
use of methyl parathion on a number of commodities was not being supported by
Cheminova, the basic registrant.  While this was true, the use of methyl
parathion on a number of these same commodities is being supported by Elf
Atochem, a formulator, on their Penncap-M Microencapsulated Insecticide label.
The current situation is that the use of methyl parathion is not being
supported by either the basic registrant, Cheminova, or by Elf Atochem

(Penncap-M) for the following uses:  beets (red), clover, cucumbers, eggplant,
forests (pine), forests (mosquito control), garlic (SLN), gooseberries, hops,
kohlrabi, melons, peppers, pumpkins, rutabagas, safflower, squash,
strawberries, sweet potatoes, and tobacco.  Also, Elf Atochem plans to support
the crops currently on the Penncap-M label (except artichokes and tobacco); in
addition the following crops will be added to the Penncap-M label which are
being dropped by Cheminova:  almonds, apricots, citrus, Christmas (pine)
trees, corn (pop), peanuts, pecans, and walnuts.

For additional information contact:

     Mr. Kurt Halling, Cheminova, Inc., Oak. Hill Park, 1700 Route 23,
Suite 210, Wayne, New Jersey 07470  Ph. (201) 305-6600   FAX (201) 305-1382


     Mr. John Sedivy or Mrs. Rebecca Clemmer, Atochem North America, Inc.,
Three Parkway, Room 619, Philadelphia, PA 19102,   Ph. (215) 587-7409 / (215)
587-7667   FAX (215) 587-7243