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Parathion (Ethyl) - Cancellation Notice 3/91


No. 2 March 26, 1991

The following information has been obtained from EPA from a letter
sent to registrants claiming a generic data exemption for Ethyl Parathion.

A/S Cheminova, the sole registrant who has committed to produce the
generic data, has notified EPA that it had decided not to support residue data
for certain crop uses (see List I) that are required by the December 1986
Ethyl Parathion Registration Standard.

EPA notified by registered mail dated 3/7/91 all registrants of ethyl
parathion-containing products that they have until 30 days from receipt of the
letter to indicate their intention to provide the required data to support one
or more the uses to be dropped. Otherwise all unsupported uses must be
removed from their labels within 90 days of receipt of the letter.

Commodity organizations may have to provide financial and/or material
support to conduct the required studies. Crop residue data are generally the
easiest and least expensive to deal with. However, if additional metabolism
data will be required or if concerns exist over the Acceptable Daily Intake
(ADI), the cost and complexity of supporting these uses can increase

If any of these uses are important to you, you must act quickly. Contact
Mr. Kurt Halling (201-338-3377) NOW WITHOUT DELAY. Additionally, contact
Joanne Edwards (703-308-8059) Reregistration Branch, Office of Pesticide
Programs at EPA. She has a list of registrants.

List I - Uses to be dropped from ethyl parathion labels

General - No dust, granular or flowable concentrate formulation will be
supported for any crop.

Specific - The following is a list of crops that are not being supported for
the two remaining formulations - Emulsifiable Concentrates and
Wettable Powders.

Cucurbits Group:
cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, summer squash and winter squash

Small Fruit Crop:
boysenberries, blueberries, cranberries, currants, loganberries and

Grass Forage, Fodder and Hay Group:
entire group, including pastures and alfalfa hay

Other Commodities:
globe artichokes, avocados, dates, figs, hops, kohlrabi, mangoes, okra,
peanuts, pineapples, rape (including rape seed), rutabagas and sweet

For additional information on the ethyl parathion cancellation notice
contact USDA-National Pesticide Impact Assessment Program at (202-447-4751).