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Parathion (Ethyl) - Label Supplements 9/93



September 9, 1993


Dear Registrant of Products Containing Ethyl Parathion:

PR Notice 93-7, issued on April 20, 1993, indicated that special
labeling guidance for products containing ethyl parathion would be
distributed separately to affected registrants. Enclosed is Supplement
Five to PR Notice 93-7 "Labeling Guidance for Products Containing Ethyl
Parathion." Supplement Five consists of:

-- Written guidance for products containing ethyl parathion with
instructions for the exact wording and placement of statements

to be added to the ethyl parathion labeling.

-- A copy of the existing labeling for each of your ethyl parathion
products with strike-out through the sections that must be

To respond to this guidance, follow the instructions in PR Notice
93-7, Supplement TWO, "Procedures for Responding to PR Notice 93-7."
For ethyl parathion amendment requests, however, you need not submit
"Product Acute Toxicity Categories by Route of Exposure" (p. 5 of
Supplement Two) or list "Extraordinary PPE Requirements" (p. 6 of
Supplement Two).

Registrants of ethyl parathion products have the same deadlines for
completing the labeling changes as listed in PR Notice 93-7 for all
other products within the scope of the WPS. The compliance options
listed in PR Notices 93-7 and 93-11 are also available to registrants of
ethyl parathion as long as all of the requirements and conditions of
each option are followed. NOTE: If the "Released-For-Shipment by
January 1, 1994" option is chosen, generic supplemental labeling is not
to be provided to distributors and retailers. There is no generic
supplemental labeling applicable to ethyl parathion products.

The crossed-out statements on your ethyl parathion labeling that
you received with this guidance must be removed from the labeling even
if such statements are required by the December, 1991 settlement
agreement for products containing ethyl parathion or any earlier PR

Call the WPS Label Information Line (1-800-777-2185) for help:

-- if you didn't receive marked-up copies of each of your ethyl
parathion labels, or

-- if you believe that applying the guidance in this section would
lead to a label that is not protective enough, is unreasonably
overprotective, or is otherwise unreasonable for your product.


Lawrence E. Culleen, Acting Director
Registration Division
Office of Pesticide Programs