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Phosmet - ICI Letter of Intent 8/90

ICI Agricultural Products

FOR INFORMATION:                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
George Meyding 302-886-1130                            August 21, 1990
A.J. Perantoni 302-886-1161

     ICI Americas and Gowan Company announced today that they have
signed a letter of intent to conclude sales and marketing agreements to
support continued registration and sales of IMIDAN Agricultural
Insecticide in the U.S.  Under these agreements Gowan Company, a
specialized agricultural formulator and distributor based in the
southwest, will purchase domestic sales rights to IMIDAN from ICIA.
Gowan will assume sole responsibility for sales and distribution of the
product.  Gowan will also assume the responsibility for maintaining the
domestic registration of IMIDAN.

     ICI Americas spokesman George Meyding, Manager of Business
Development, stated that ICIA is entering this agreement to ensure that
this valuable IPM tool remains available to growers of specialty crops
such as tree fruits, nuts and others.  "We are also confident," added
Mr. Meyding, "that Gowan, a long standing customer of ICIA, has the
experience and expertise to provide the necessary service and
stewardship for IMIDAN."

     Gowan Company has serviced the specialty agricultural markets in
the Desert Southwest and the West Coast for 20 years. The Company has a
history of providing quality products and service. Gowan will expand its
option into the Eastern markets to ensure that IMIDAN will be properly
supported and that supplies of the product will be available to
agricultural distributors servicing the IMIDAN markets in their area.

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