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Phosmet - Uses Retained for Imidan 50 WP and Imidan 70 WP 5/92

                                                             May 5, 1992

PHOSMET (Imidan 50 WP and Imidan 70 WP) - Uses Retained

     In the March 4, 1992 Federal Register (p. 7752), EPA announced that uses
of the insecticide products Imidan 50 WP and Imidan 70 WP (active ingredient:
phosmet) on citrus, grapes, alfalfa, corn, cotton, peas, and potatoes were
being voluntarily deleted from the labels by the registrant.  However, this
announcement was in error. Gowan Company acquired registration rights to
Imidan products from ICI Americas in 1991, and is currently actively
supporting the reregistration of these uses.  EPA plans to publish a
correction of this information in the near future.  For further information,
contact Anne Stout, Registration Specialist, Gowan Company, P.O. Box 5569,
Yuma, AZ 85366  (tel. 602-783-8854, fax 602-343-9255).